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Have A Great Summer!

04/25/2018 | By: Kiki Grant

Now that exams are over, it is a bittersweet time of packing up and moving out, yet more importantly its the start of 4 month long summer. On behalf of all of First Year Exec, we wish you all an awesome summer to chillax and work on those calf muscles!

AMS Updates

01/21/2018 | By: Andrew Farley

There is a new bylaw coming to Kingston called the “Nuisance Party Bylaw.” Despite the name, this bylaw is not unreasonable. Essentially, what this bylaw does is allow an upper ranking police officer to give a party owner 30 minutes to shut down a party if it is outside, blocking traffic, and/or causing a general nuisance to the neighborhood. As long as the owner makes an effort to get everyone out, they will not be charged

In other news, Rector and AMS elections are happening soon. More information will be given about voting dates etc…

BED Fund Updates

Coming Soon!