Grad Merch


Hey Sci ’21,

Long time no chat. We miss you 🙁

Despite our fourth year being blown up by COVID, we wanted to offer a collection of Grad Merch to help you remember all of the incredible parts of your Queen’s Engineering experience. See below for more details!

Please note: All merch MUST be picked up in Kingston, Ontario!!! Social distancing measures will be in place.

Contact Kate Lappan, Andrew Vasila, or Haley Adams with any questions!

Purchase link: https://sci-21-grad-merch.cheddarup.com/

January & February Update

2021-03-01 | Written by: Kate Lappan

Hi Sci’21, long time no update! These past two months have been a lot of behind-the-scenes work from our exec. The yearbook team has been hard at work collecting photo submissions from our year, getting quotes from suppliers for printing, and designing the page layouts. We’ll then have physical copies created on a pre-order basis via a Cheddar Up link coming very very soon! Along with this link is our grad merchandise drop. This has taken way longer than expected due to delayed quotes from suppliers, but we finally have the designs (and costs) settled. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few days for that announcement! We will also have a ThankQ gift poll going out next month: this will decide what gift we want to purchase as a year to give back to the Queen’s community (such as appliances for an EngSoc service or making bursaries, etc).

On the events side of things, we had a really fun time at the Bob Ross painting night! Everyone’s beautiful art was posted on our Instagram page so make sure to check it out. Our next (and probably last?) event will be an Iron Ring Ceremony after-party. Typically the fourth-year exec hosts this in-person at Clark, but obviously, due to COVID, this will need to be online. However, we’ll still have a really fun time with (most likely) online games and challenges for $$! The official date and time for that are TBD, but rumour has it that legend Dean Deluzio himself will join… gotta show up to find out!!

I hope everyone had a great reading week and that midterms aren’t too brutal!



Event: Bob Ross’21

When: Thursday, February 4, 2021, at 7 PM EST

Facebook Event: https://fb.me/e/c3l9MGB79

To kick-off this gloomy winter of another remote semester, Sci’21 will be hosting a BOB ROSS NIGHT! Join us in following the legendary inspiration in painting a Grey Winter (S7E11)!

You will need Alizarin Crimson (or red), (Midnight) black, and (titanium) white paint + a 2″ flat, round, and fan brush for this episode. Please account for shipping time if purchasing these items for the event.

More details to come!

Zoom link: https://queensu.zoom.us/j/98325832707…

Event: Sci’21 Netflix Party 2

Facebook Event Link: https://fb.me/e/VhlLyTI9

Here Ye Here Ye! Get ready to kick off the end of class with your favourite ogre at his beloved swamp!
Netflix Party will again be used to bring us all together for this magical experience.

You will need to have the teleparty extension added to chrome before viewing, like with the previous one. We look forward to having you all there!

The link will be shared a few minutes before 8 pm.

November Update

2020-12-03 | Written by: Kate Lappan

Hello, hello, it’s me with the November update! This month we hosted our first Netflix Party event where, after a vote on our Instagram page, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was chosen. The movie night was a fun break from the stress of school, graduate school applications, and thesis work! We’re actively working on getting fun GPA bars for our year and we’ll be starting to look at creating graduation merch in the second semester. We’re also working behind the scenes on our yearbook: keep your eyes peeled for photo submission requests on Facebook and Instagram. We’re also hosting a second movie night next Wednesday (the 9th) for SHREK! Shrek 1 and 2 split the popular vote on our Instagram, so we’ll likely also be watching Shrek 2 next semester. This will probably be the last exec update of 2020, as our team members are now taking the time to focus on exam season and to prioritize their mental health. Have a great week 12 and good luck with exams! Hope to see you at Shrek night!



Event: Sci’21 Netflix Party Movie Night

Stressed? Tired? Waiting for the holidays to finally come to give a much-needed break to the madness that has been November?
Well, the votes are in (and we counted them promptly) to watch MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL!
Join us by installing the Netflix party chrome extension (see below) and get ready to laugh it up THIS MONDAY (Nov 23) at 8 pm!
Facebook Event Page: https://fb.me/e/OahRIPSS

October Update

2020-11-02 | Written by: Kate Lappan

Hi everyone! With October now wrapped up, we’re hoping you had a great Thanksgiving, a restful reading week, and a safe Halloween!


This month we had our first event: The Sci’ 21 Kahoot game. We had a lot of fun hosting it and 6 lucky winners went home with gift cards of their choice! Now that we’ve got the hang of using Zoom to host, we’re starting to plan our next event. We’re also looking into creating Sci ‘21 grad merchandise sometime soon, including bringing back our year crest stickers. Updates on that and any polls for ideas/preferences will be on our Instagram page. Check out our insta if you haven’t already at @queenseng21, and if you have any relatable memes, don’t hesitate to DM us! Other than that, the usual is going on behind the scenes including exec meetings, AMS Assembly, EngSoc council, budget updates, etc. Happy November!


September Update

2020-10-20 | Written by: Kate Lappan

Hi everyone, welcome to our newly updated website! My name is Kate and I’m the President of Sci ‘21 this year. Each month I hope to post a little blurb about what year executive is doing to keep transparency on this page and to give insight on what we actually do!

So to start us off: September. Last month our new (and final) executive team was announced, and a lot of time was spent transitioning members into their roles. This included quite a few Zoom calls but overall was pretty successful. In 4th year, 2 new positions are added: Yearbook and ThankQ. So, we’re currently doing our best to navigate these with no previous (Sci ‘21) knowledge. In September we also had our first Engineering Society Council and AMS Assembly, which are attended by our executive’s voting members (President, Vice-President, Faculty Board Representative, and AMS Representative). This is where we can debate motions that come up within these agencies or bring forward concerns from our year. Yay for student voices!

Most recently our budget was finalized and sent to the EngSoc Director of Finance, and our first event of the year is coming up soon: a Sci ‘21 Kahoot game! Check out the post before this one for the Facebook event link!

Event: How Well Do You Know Sci ’21?

Attention Sci’21! Are you ready to show off your knowledge of your year? Join us for a Kahoot that’s all about YOU! What’s even better than inherently knowing all the answers? WINNING PRIZES of course! There will be a cumulative of $70 in prizes to be won. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Here’s the link to the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/4B7Hkd2ab

Archived (Pre 2020/2021):

Have A Great Summer!

04/25/2018 | By: Kiki Grant

Now that exams are over, it is a bittersweet time of packing up and moving out, yet more importantly, it’s the start of 4-month long summer. On behalf of all of First-Year Exec, we wish you all an awesome summer to chillax and work on those calf muscles!

AMS Updates

01/21/2018 | By: Andrew Farley

There is a new bylaw coming to Kingston called the “Nuisance Party Bylaw.” Despite the name, this bylaw is not unreasonable. Essentially, what this bylaw does is allow an upper ranking police officer to give a party owner 30 minutes to shut down a party if it is outside, blocking traffic, and/or causing a general nuisance to the neighbourhood. As long as the owner makes an effort to get everyone out, they will not be charged

In other news, Rector and AMS elections are happening soon. More information will be given about voting dates etc…

BED Fund Updates

Coming Soon!



JANUARY 19, 2018 – JANUARY 20, 2018 12:00 AM ★ THE ARC

Want to lose that freshman 15 and take a break after a week of studying? Then sign-up for BEWIC! BEWIC is a multi-faculty, co-ed, sports tournament. It’s the highlight of the intramural calendar at Queen’s, so you definitely won’t want to miss out. Sports include:

  • Rugby-Basketball
  • Water-Volleyball
  • Innertube-Waterpolo
  • Floorball

So gather a group of friends and get ready to compete for Spirit, Competitive, and Overall awards. The cost is $20 for a t-shirt, an evening of games, and a catered banquet!

Questions? Contact your Athletic Reps: Laurel Aquino & Liam Cregg


MARCH 8TH @ 9 PM | The Harbour Restaurant


MARCH 12TH @ 7:30 PM | Stirling Hall A

Image result for elections


APRIL 8TH @4:00 PM | 469 Victoria Street