Year Exec ?

Nathan Smith
"Most relevant leadership skills include eating, sleeping, bossing my siblings around, and more sleeping, but hey... if Trump can do it so can I!"
Andrew Vasila
Vice President
"Proud to be the Joe Biden to a Barack Obama with better hair."
Andrew Farley
"I don't bite, I only nibble ;)"
Matt Julseth
Faculty Board/BED Fund Rep
"Spending that cash money flow from your student fees on fun in BED"
Mitch Crompton
Event Coordinator #1
"My greatest accomplishment is being named Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year and I think that says a lot about me"
Monique Rivard
Event Coordinator #2
"Skills include reaching things from shelves of average height and getting sunburned in the winter"
Olivia Tom
"I spent $300 on stickers."
Kelsey Horn
Scribe/Publicity Guru
"Self proclaimed meme lord of Sci ‘21 (follow up @queenseng21)"
Thomas Wright
Year Merchant #1
"Here's hoping you have the same taste in clothing as I do"
Tess Donohue
Year Merchant #2
"Just trying to fulfill my childhood dream of being a fashion designer."
Laurel Aquino
Athletic Rep #1
"I'm going to turn this team around 360 degrees."
Liam Cregg
Athletic Rep #2
"Pretending to be athletic since 1999. "Fake it till you make it", that's my motto"
Graeme George
Sci Formal Rep #1
"I own many leather-bound books and my home smells of rich mahogany"
Alex Thayer
Sci Formal Rep #2
"Keepin it classy just sometimes late for class."
Claire Jansen
Section Rep (100)
"Wait, what section are we?"
Christina Bisol
Section Rep (101)
"Sometimes on point, sometimes confused. Either way I will do my best for you :)"
Chas Meadows
Section Rep (102/103)
"Yes the rumours are true, I have fantastic calves. Oh, also I'm excited to rep one of our sections this year!"

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